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Vine - Nasturtium - Jewel of Africa

Vine - Nasturtium - Jewel of Africa

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One of the most elegant nasturtiums we have ever had the pleasure to grow, Jewel of Africa has richly-colored blooms in 4 colors and cream-striped variegated foliage. This 4- to 5-foot vining plant is just the right size to tumble from a hanging basket or twine up a small trellis or patio tub. It can even be allowed to trail along the ground, carpeting the garden in color. Both the blooms and the foliage are edible, with a delicious peppery flavor perfect for salads and garnishes. You will want to grow Jewel of Africa in the herb and vegetable garden, where it repels destructive pests such as aphids, beetles, whiteflies, and squash bugs. The heaviest flowering will usually occur in cool weather, but this annual loves sunshine. Select a sunny spot in any garden soil, even poor dry ones, and begin growing one of the most beautiful, useful, and rewarding annuals! Grown from seed in high quality soil.

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